Third Wallpaper* Design Award for Axor: Best Domestic Design

Axor Starck V mixer in various surface finishes and heights

Leading design and lifestyle magazine honours Axor for its Axor Starck V basin mixer

January 2015. For the third time, Axor has won one of the most coveted international design and lifestyle media awards – the Wallpaper* Design Award 2015. Axor won the award for its Axor Starck V basin mixer. When operated, it generates a captivating vortex, totally accentuating the power and beauty of the water. A high-calibre panel of judges, including the Serbian performance artist Marina Abramović and the Chinese architectural duo Neri & Hu, awarded the title of ‘Best Domestic Design’ to the mixer, which was designed in collaboration with Philippe Starck.

“Receiving the Wallpaper* Design Award is a great honour for us, and it confirms our capacity for innovation as well as the quality of our design process”, explained Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE. “My father's idea of using the vortex to enable people to experience water was fundamental in the creation of Axor Starck V. Our partner, long-time friend Philippe Starck, created a unique casing for the vortex. Axor Starck V is the result of successfully combining technical know-how with the ultimate in water and product design expertise, along with decades of experience in bathroom design. We are delighted with this expression of appreciation for our work”, added Philippe Grohe.

Human interaction with water
Axor's product development has always focused on the interplay between man, water and space. This principle is also reflected in Axor Starck V. With the beauty and dynamism of its vortex, the mixer bridges the gap between the functional and emotional aspects of water at the washbasin, transforming it from a basic commodity into a valuable resource. Axor Starck V can also generate a calming effect, since the vortex can be deactivated.

Using technology and innovation to bring water to life
True to the Hansgrohe principle of developing aesthetic, functional and sustainable products, Axor Starck V features multiple technological innovations. For example, the spout of the mixer is made of organic crystal glass, an exceptionally durable material. The mixer also features a reduced flow rate of 4l/minute – without compromising the user experience in any way. The rotatable, open and detachable spout offers added convenience: it is easy to install and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher if required.

About Wallpaper*
Wallpaper*, one of the most renowned international design and lifestyle magazines, is written for a creative audience with an affinity for good design. It reports on the latest trends in architecture, interior design, travel and fashion. The Wallpaper* Design Awards rank among the leading media awards in the design industry. They are awarded annually by a select panel of judges representing the cream of the crop of the architecture, design and fashion industries. Individual brands cannot enter submissions for the award – they need to be nominated. In addition to Axor, winners of this year's Wallpaper* Design Awards include brands such as Dior by Raf Simmons (Best Women's Fashion Collection) and international star product designers such as Patricia Urquiola (Designer of the Year).
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