Axor Starck V – revolutionary design featuring classic glass joints and modern porcelain

Well mixer with cut glass spouts

Axor first presented new spout variants for the Axor Starck V well mixer at the ISH 2015 in Frankfurt am Main

March 2015. Mixer with a fine finish: the revolutionary Axor Starck V basin mixer is now also available with a classic touch. Since September 2015, Axor has offered two new versions of the glass spout for the existing base set – featuring the classic diamond cut or elegant bevel cut. Moreover, the removable spout is also available in white porcelain.

A classic touch for a modern designer product
“A year after we presented Axor Starck V for the first time, we want to demonstrate that this revolutionary design object can support the entire range of styles, from avant-garde to classic,” said Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE. “With the new selection of classic spouts, special finishes for the mixer base and handle variants, we are giving our customers the opportunity to use this mixer in an even broader range of applications and to customise it,” continued the grandson of company founder Hans Grohe. Axor Starck V base sets are now available in fifteen particularly scratch-proof and detergent-resistant PVD surface finishes, including chrome, gold finish, red gold, black chrome, nickel, brass, stainless steel finish and bronze.

Hand-ground, classic diamond and elegant bevel cut versions augment the organic design by Philippe Starck
Timeless cuts enhance the new versions of the Axor Starck V glass spout. The high-quality classic diamond cut grinding technique is renowned for producing harmonious geometrical shapes that refract the light. Bevel cut grinding gives the mixer a beautiful shape with a touch of elegance. The base of the removable spout was deliberately selected for the placement of the cut edges: the water and the vortex remain visible. The mixer blends in seamlessly with classic/traditional bathroom environments.

The porcelain spout: mixer and wash basin become one
The white porcelain spout reveals the extent to which mixer and washbasin can be merged. Combined with a white base set, the mixer becomes one with the wash basin. Like the glass versions of the well mixer, the porcelain spout can also be combined with a chrome-coloured mixer base – customisation knows no limits.

Using technology and innovation to bring water to life
Axor Starck V features aesthetic, functional and sustainable design. For example, the spout is made of organic crystal glass, an exceptionally durable material. The mixer also features a reduced flow rate of 4l/minute – without compromising the user experience in any way. The rotatable, removable spout offers added functional convenience: it is easy to install and can be cleaned in the dishwasher if required.
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