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A unique range of shower products

Spacious shower with Axor products

Designer products for the shower

Axor shower solutions are created from a convergence of outstanding design and high technological standards. Each detail plays its part in creating an exclusive showering experience.

Axor's wide range of shower products make it possible for customised planning and designing. Everyone can find the right solution to suit his own particular bathroom environment – adapted to the existing spatial requirements.

Luxurious shower with shower modules

Axor ShowerCollection

This shower range constitutes haute couture for the shower. A system of luxurious showers, mixers and accessories transforms the shower into a tailor-made spa.

The individual modules can be flexibly combined and arranged horizontally, vertically or even freely arranged on the wall. The Axor ShowerCollection designed by Philippe Starck was designed by Axor and the renowned designer to be geometric and minimalist.

Axor One

An oasis of calm in a luxurious shower
Minimalist shower products in the shower

Axor One is a highlight in any shower: its archaic shape makes it look like a monolith on the wall, providing an aesthetic oasis of calm in the shower. Its design is flat and rounded, featuring ample surface areas.

The control unit for the shower has been designed in such a way that the user can control all showers intuitively via large paddles. Underlying this is the innovative Select technology, whose principle is based on pressing rather than turning.

Axor One was designed by Axor and designer duo Barber & Osgerby, the experts in Interaction Design.

Axor One in the shower
Axor collaborated with British designers Barber & Osgerby to develop a minimalist element for the shower, which controls all the showers intuitively.
Shower products featuring Axor Select technology

Axor ShowerSelect

Elegance in the shower is also demonstrated by the Axor ShowerSelect thermostatic mixers. Thanks to the innovative Select technology, the relevant shower can be easily controlled with precision, at the touch of a button. The black buttons with white symbols are unobtrusive, but arranged in such a way that they clearly illustrate which shower is being controlled.

Axor ShowerSelect can be used to control up to four different showers or a bath filler. They are available in the shapes "square", "round" and "soft" and, thanks to their clear, minimalist design, they can be combined with the Axor bathroom collections.

Axor overhead showers

All of the Axor overhead showers are based on the concept of an aesthetic designer product that features high standards of showering convenience. A variety of designs, functions, jet types and application areas guarantee this.

The most luxurious example is the ShowerHeaven from the Axor ShowerCollection, which offers an exquisite showering experience thanks to its ample proportions and three different jet types.

Shower with a luxurious overhead shower

Axor shower systems

The Axor shower systems provide aesthetic showering sophistication to satisfy high standards. From showerpipe to shower column, these products promise ultimate feel-good showering in a wide range of styles.

Sophisticated technology is integrated in timelessly attractive bathroom design. For example, the Axor Showerpipe designed by Front, which adds industrial charm to the shower.

Showerpipe in industrial design

Axor shower sets

The Axor shower sets and hand showers bear the hallmark of various designers and they differ in terms of their size, shape and jet types – ranging from classic to modern.

The Axor shower set designed by Front is characterised by its industrial pipework style and the archaic funnel shape of the hand shower head.

Shower set in industrial design


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