Elegance and magic: unique Axor shower products from Front and Nendo for the modern bathroom/living space

Axor shower with integrated lamp

Philippe Grohe first introduced the new Axor ShowerProducts in the autumn of 2013

March 2015. In the autumn of 2013, Axor first launched its new shower products created with Front and Nendo. The new products, developed in collaboration with the Swedish design trio and the Japanese design studio, are captivating thanks to their simple yet unique design.

“With the Axor ShowerProducts designed by Front, our focus was on intuitive usability: despite their sophisticated aesthetics, they provide concrete benefits”, said Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE. “With the Axor LampShower designed by Nendo, we succeeded in opening up the traditionally isolated bathroom and turning it into part of the living space thanks to this elegant piece of interior decor.

Axor LampShower designed by Nendo: Making the bathroom cosier
Oki Sato, the creative brain behind the Japanese design studio Nendo, magically fuses light and water in his Axor LampShower. “It's a lamp/shower hybrid,” said the 36-year-old Sato. The lightness of the visual design and the combination of light and water impart a heightened sensuous dimension to the shower.

A wide-rimmed shower crest and warm ambient lighting contribute to this effect. “The natural blending of light and water in the new Axor LampShower gives the bathroom a cosier feel, significantly helping to slow down the pace of our increasingly hectic lives,” explained Philippe Grohe. The Axor LampShower is available in a ceiling-mounted and a wall-mounted version. In addition to the chrome version, the products can have a variety of special finishes added to them in the Axor Manufaktur.

Axor ShowerProducts designed by Front: The industrial appeal of the shower
The Axor ShowerProducts designed by Front allow us to experience water pathways in their most natural form. “With our products, we wanted to draw attention to the hidden aesthetics of the technology by turning pipes, valves and funnels into an alluring designer piece”, explained Charlotte von der Lancken. For example, a simple funnel has been transformed into a well-proportioned shower head. “Front shows us how a visually appealing shower product can be created out of traditionally purpose-specific components”, said Philippe Grohe. In total, five Axor shower products bear the hallmarks of Front: a hand shower, a shower set consisting of a hand shower, a wall bar and a shower hose, an overhead shower in the form of a ceiling- or wall-mounted version with two jet types, and a showerpipe consisting of a thermostat, a height-adjustable overhead shower and a hand shower.
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