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Bathroom visions

Axor WaterDream with shower lights

New solutions for the bathroom of the future

With the Axor WaterDream project, Axor regularly comes up with innovative solutions to reveal what the bathroom of the future might look like. For many years, Axor has been inspiring architects and designers to realise their dream bathroom of the future incorporating the interplay between man, space and water.

In this regard, the focus is always on providing additional scope for creative development, breaking away from established behavioural patterns and conducting an open,interdisciplinary dialogue with internationally renowned design partners such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Front or Nendo.

The results find an audience at international events and exhibitions, where the design community congregates. Lots of visions are incorporated into new Axor collections and products.

Creative results of the Axor WaterDreams 2016

"Create your own Spout"

“Create your own Spout” is the motto of the Axor WaterDream 2016. Five internationally acclaimed designers expanded on the emotional significance of water within this space.

Toying with new materials encourages the use of experimental techniques. How can we impart a new significance and greater emotionality to the water and the mixer, beyond their mere function? How can we make the mixer a formative component of modern interior design concepts?

Freedom of design is possible thanks to the Axor U-Base. This is a universal mixer base onto which the mixer spout can be fitted really easily, without having to install anything.

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Axor Waterdream 2015

Freedom in industrial design

Glass mixer being fired in the furnace
Manual shaping of the glass mixer

The Axor WaterDream 2015 in collaboration with ECAL reveals what creative freedom in industrial design actually looks like. The prestigious Swiss University of Art and Design experimented with glass as well as the technical challenges involved in using it.

Unique spouts were created – hand-crafted one-off designs made from hand-blown glass. The design students' concepts are based on the Axor U-Base, a universal mixer base onto which bespoke spouts can be fitted. The Axor U-Base is designed in such a way to guarantee durability and control of the water.

Spout%20that%20bends%20away%20from%20the%20body%20via%20a%20single%20cut ©
Spout%20is%20a%20handle%20for%20the%20removable%20carafe ©
Tumblers%20stacked%20above%20the%20spout ©
Spout%20shape%20inspired%20by%20a%20lotus%20leaf ©
Water%20spout%20with%20mirror ©

Axor WaterDream 2013

New interpretations
for the shower

Axor WaterDream 2013 by Nendo brings light and water together
Axor WaterDream 2013 by Front displays typical copper-coloured installation pipes

The goal of this Axor WaterDream was to get two culturally different perspectives on the bathroom – and the shower in particular. To this end, Axor invited Swedish designer duo Front and Japanese design studio Nendo to put their own new interpretation on the shower.

This created new archetypes in shower design. Front drew inspiration from the aesthetics of the technology, bringing the traditionally concealed world of installation out in front of the wall. The Axor WaterDream from the Swedish designers eventually led to the Axor Showerproducts designed by Front, and is a homage to traditional workmanship.

Nendo drew inspiration from emotional living environments outside the bathroom, introducing the fusion of water and light in the archetypal Axor LampShower designed by Nendo. It functions just like a living room floor lamp, but with water flowing out of it.

Axor WaterDream 2005

visions of the bathroom

Axor WaterDream featuring the elements water, earth and air
Axor WaterDream 2005 as a modular system

Three bathroom dreams created a sensation at the Fuorisalone in Milan 2005. At the world's leading furniture trade fair, Axor presented three concepts for the future, whose design really could not be more different.

No wonder, because these dreams are based on three completely different philosophies from different designers. The leading advocate of nature-inspired design, Jean-Marie Massaud, dreamed up a legendary bathroom with excerpts from the natural world, while Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola transported us to an enchanted forest of bamboo-like mixers and showers. The third vision is that of French designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. They made customisation the benchmark of their concept, creating a modular system with numerous options for the bathroom user.

The three bathroom visions ultimately led to the Axor Massaud, Axor Urquiola and Axor Bouroullec bathroom collections.

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Axor WaterDream 2015

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Axor Storybook

Axor WaterDream 2016

"Create your own Spout" - check out the results.