Water is worth its weight in gold

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Gold water

We are ambassadors of the man/space/water arrangement. In this context, we create unique designer pieces whose purpose is to turn the bathroom into a really unique place.

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Abstract gold spatial perspective
Abstract gold spatial perspective

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When developing bathroom collections and products, Axor has always been guided by a vision: creating masterpieces. During this process, Axor selects the world's best designers as its partners in order to make this vision a reality. In consultation with these designers, Axor develops a variety of exceptional, avantgarde designer pieces for luxurious bathrooms and exclusive kitchens.

Elegant gush spray from Axor Massaud mixer



The shape of the mixer is created as part of an intensive design process – along with the design of the water that flows out of it. Each Axor product is equipped with sophisticated, water-saving technology.

A team of experts at Axor engages in intensive research until the functions and design work together perfectly. Innovative construction of the inner workings is often necessary to ensure that the water maintains its particularly aesthetic image – while at the same time being used sparingly.


one-off designs

Axor develops its products in a very unique way: Axor collaborates with design partners whose concepts are considered contemporary and whose aesthetics are considered timeless. It often starts with the Axor WaterDream, for which avantgarde global designers and architects have been designing visions for the bathroom as a living space for more than 20 years. During the creative dialogue between Axor and the designers, living space and bathroom concepts are scrutinised and reinterpreted. Since 2005, many famous designers have designed the Axor WaterDream, including Patricia Urquiola, Nendo and – as shown here – Front.

Axor WaterDreams
Installation of a shower item

Axor has a presence in some of the world's most important creative metropolises

Captivating Axor products are on display at exclusive bathroom exhibitions in selected creative metropolises.

Visitors will find inspiration, information and even thought-provoking discussions: from designing the product through to perfecting every detail of it.

Axor showrooms