AXOR ShowerSolutions ShowerHeaven 970/970 3jet without lighting

ShowerHeaven 970/970 3jet without lighting, Stainless Steel, 10621800
ShowerHeaven 970/970 3jet without lighting


ShowerHeaven 970/970 3jet without lighting

Stainless Steel

Surface finish

Stainless Steel

Art. no.: 10621800

Surface finish

Product features

spray type RainAir, normal spray, laminar spray
shower head size 970 x 970 mm
maximum flow rate at 3 bar 33.3 l/min
flow rate RainAir spray (at 3 bar) 20.6 l/min
flow rate Mono spray (at 3 bar) 15.6 l/min
flow rate normal spray (at 3 bar) 33.3 l/min
spray zone controlling the 3 spray zones must be controlled via 3 valves or a diverter valve with 3 outlets, can be activated individually or in combination
spray zones Bodyzone - outer overhead shower zone, Rainzone - inner overhead shower zone with AirPower function, laminar spray at Ø 17 mm
spray disc finish spray disc surface: polished stainless steel
material frame frame: brushed stainless steel
installation ceiling
connection dimension DN20
suitable for continous flow water heaters
TÜV certified
Test mark

SVGW 0809-5422

TÜV B 09 02 14237 031

TÜV certified

TUEV B 14 04 14237 077

ACS 10 ACC NY 226

ACS 10 ACC NY 226, valide jusqu'au 02.09.2015

TÜV B 14 04 14237 077

TÜV B_17_01_14237_095

ACS 18 ACC LY 611, valide jusqu'au 19.11.2023

Test report ACS 18 ACC LY 611, valide jusqu'au 19.11.2023



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AirPower: More pleasure, more efficiency

With this shower technology, water is mixed with air - this enrichment makes the water droplets plumper, lighter and softer. And: water is used more efficiently.


QuickClean: Fast anti-limescale function

Who really enjoys cleaning? With the QuickClean function, dirt and limescale deposits from taps and showers are rapidly removed thanks to flexible silicon knobs on the spray disc.

AXOR Tailor-Made

AXOR mixer in the exclusive gold surface finish

Special surface finishes

Customised design with brushed and polished metals.

AXOR special finishes
AXOR shower element with custom inscription


Custom inscriptions and symbols for ease of use.

AXOR Signature
AXOR overhead shower that has been custom-extended

Length modifications

Products tailored via shortening or extending.

AXOR Signature


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