Metal shower hose 2.00 m

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Metal shower hose 2.00 m, Brushed Red Gold, 28120310
Metal shower hose 2.00 m


Metal shower hose 2.00 m

Brushed Red Gold

Surface finish

Brushed Red Gold

Art. no.: 28120310

Product features

hose type metal shower hose
plastic casing
shower hose length 2.00 m
swivel joint pivot joints on both sides
kink protection



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AXOR Tailor-Made

AXOR mixer in the exclusive gold surface finish

Special surface finishes

Customised design with brushed and polished metals.

AXOR special finishes
AXOR shower element with custom inscription


Custom inscriptions and symbols for ease of use.

AXOR Signature
AXOR overhead shower that has been custom-extended

Length modifications

Products tailored via shortening or extending.

AXOR Signature


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