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Archetypes reinvented

AXOR One The essence of simplicity

AXOR One A bathroom collection so elegant, elemental and pure, it could be realized only through radical innovation. Using Select Technology and a new mode of interaction, AXOR One reinvents familiar archetypes for greater clarity, enhanced function and superior control. Available in Chrome, Matt Black and up to 15 AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, the collection brings timeless design to any bathroom.
AXOR One one-hole washbasin faucet with Select technology.

A new mode of interaction

AXOR One is characterized by a holistic design language of slender silhouettes, flat surfaces, soft corners and balanced proportions. At the washbasin, the archetypal parabolic faucet with all-in-one controller features a gentle taper to the curved spout, a subtle detail that signals exceptional quality of design and manufacture. Utilizing Select technology, the mechanical controller provides a new mode of interaction: Simply press down to start or stop the water; swivel clockwise to increase the temperature. Easy, intuitive and precise, the new interaction mode also conserves water.
An AXOR One lever-handle washbasin faucet in Matt Black.

Elegant lever handles

The AXOR One washbasin faucets with lever handles maintain the collection’s reduced and elegant aesthetic. A new cartridge design makes possible the distinctive flat handle of the one-hole models, while the integrated aerator and slightly tapered spout reflect the collection’s high standard of quality. The basin-mounted AXOR One single-lever faucet is available in two heights. The extensive  AXOR One offering for the washbasin comprises one-hole, two-hole and three-hole faucet variants, and includes wall-mounted options.
AXOR One showerpipe and thermostatic module in Matt Black.

Excellence in the shower

The AXOR One collection includes a wide range of options for a personalized shower experience. The showerpipe is an all-in-one combination of overhead shower, hand shower and wall bar that offers a clean appearance thanks to the integrated wall outlet. The overhead showers and hand showers feature monolithic forms and an innovative organization of Rain and PowderRain spray types, reflected in the distinctive graphic language of the spray disc. The AXOR One thermostatic module uses large, clearly marked, highly responsive paddle handles to offer intuitive control of spray types and ultra-precise control of water temperature and volume.
AXOR One floor-standing bathtub faucet with hand shower.

Archetypal beauty beside the bath

The AXOR One floor-standing bathtub faucet conveys a distinctive elegance through its archetypal form. The high parabolic spout features a gentle taper towards the tip, a subtle sign of manufacturing excellence. Accompanied by the eye-catching hand shower 75 1jet, the faucet balances a radically reduced appearance with exceptional functionality. A diverter, elegantly integrated into the spout, allows for the easy switching of water flow from faucet to hand shower.
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